i'm carol

I'm a designer, art director, and illustrator by hobby (and developer). As you may have noticed (or not), I am from the sunny island Singapore. I've been living in France for more than 10 years.

The name Two Parts of One, actually has a meaning to it. Because I grew up in two different countries, I feel like I have two personalities from two different cultures. I actually think in English, Mandarin and French. Sometimes, I describe stuffs in french and yet I have absolutely no idea how to translate it in English nor Mandarin and vice versa.

this space

My original intention for blogging was to let my close friends and families know about how I was doing during my earlier stays in France. Now, you can find me sharing about my holidays, crafting, fashion choices, beauty splurges anything really. Blogging is part of my creativity expression, even if I don't update often, I really enjoy blogging.

I play video games, read fantasy books, obsessed about ice cream, watch korean dramas and american series, driving around the town for fun... And playing with my camera. The photos on the blog are taken by me, otherwise stated. Photos of myself, usually are taken with the help of my surrounding friends, dad, mom or bro who became my human tripod :>

the blog was named differently before?

Yes! I'm quite glad that you mentioned. This blog was called the Exquisistic box, since 2009.
The name was quite complicated, and not everyone seemed to be able to remember it. So I renamed it to my instagram username. Long before it became more like a journal, I used to run the now-hideous xfantasywingsx. Yep, I belong to the generation who started making pre-made website templates. But all of those are the past now ;) It's a brand new phase!

What tools am I using?

Lettering wise, I've had people liking the font that I have on some photos. Unfortunately, that's not a font, those are just my hand writing on a Wacom Intuos 4. Camera tools used to be CANON 60D + 17-85mm and a 50mm but [update]unfortunately, all my cameras are gone now...
Newest gadget is a CANON 6D + 24-70mm.

A collaboration?

If you're interested in a collaboration, feel free to contact me! I'm available for freelance projects to design your website, visual identity, invitations and many more!