Fall, Paris

Literally, "fall"...

If you see what I mean. It's autumn, Paris has been transformed into a golden yard wherever there's trees. Plus those pitter-patter rain drops, it makes walkways ultra slippery which makes you fall :( Which I stupidly fell flat on my face some three weeks ago. A huge 'piak' echoed the street, while two ungentlemen pretended not to hearβ€” that moment, I lost a huge chunk of hope in humanity. I mean, does it kill to help a lady who fell flat on the face? As if falling isn't very embarrassing already, you had to ignore her as if she didn't exist *roll-eyes*. I took it as a slap in life, to wakeup, perfect man does not exist. While in any kdrama, I would have fallen over a super hot guy and the story blossoms into some life changing drama/ Et NON! Not happening ha...

Just kidding... I was in a bit of depressive mood, plus the fall- made everything more depressing.

Fast forward, I flew to London to meet Paula for 3 days. Fast forward again, she visited Paris. And we went havoc, feeding ourselves all the fats out there.

Here I thought, I should get serious, and keep this blog alive. I recently met a random stranger who asked me why am I (still) blogging. Why blog when I'm not earning money, nor am I an influencer. I was a quite offended though :(  I mean, do you have to be famous to be a blogger? :-| First, I liked bloggingβ€” I actually spend time reading my blog from time to time. It's my personal journalβ€” except it's public. Secondly, it's for my friends to keep track of me :P It's easy to start a chat over some topic, and it points to "Oh hey, did you take any photos?"/ it also help to keep the conversation rolling. Besides I hate Facebook, it's a gossiping terrain. If people like to snoop around on Facebook to gossip about me, it'd take them a little more effort to google me out! (Even though it's super easy, but it kicks out lazy bums :oops: ) A blog looks so much better, without all those extra infos that fill up your screen.

If we come back down to earth, to these illustrations, it was actually a request.

A childhood pal visited, and she demanded a gift. I drew a card for her. I've been drawing a lot lately, I've even started another new instagram account! As my dear followers may have heard, Bonjour Paris vol.2 is official! I'm so busy these days, trying to get the samples and production done in time for Christmas. Plus, I'm working on other freelancing projects. God, how I wish there's 48 hours a day and working hours' still 8 hours day. Simply thinking about it as divine. Till then, I get everything sorted out, cya!

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