Checkpoint 101

Picnic-ing the french way

Meanwhile, I've moved home for a couple of weeks. By some miracle, it wasn't wet. Some friends planned a picnic by the beach. But when it was d-day, the sky turned grey. Plans changed, we decided to do pot-luck in-house. When the clock ticks 1pm, rays of sunshine and warmth started hitting the garden, we just moved everything outside. We definitely had our picnic right in the end.

What you'll need ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

  • Fresh oysters / directly bought from oyster farm
  • Cooked prawns / get them from your freshest poisonnerie 
  • Lemon for your oysters
  • Aïoli, for prawn dipping
  • Garlic butter
  • Charcuterie: Personal preference — Coppa, Saucisson
  • Baguettes, best freshly out of the oven
  • Sparkling wine / or / Champagne if you're in the mood 
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Budapest by Night

Previously, I had my biggest Airbnb experience. This round, was a chic and cozy apartment. It has a huge lounging space. We were 5, so one of the sofa's was converted into a bed. There was another bedroom with 2 beds. Best part was, this apartment was equipped with fans! Halleluja! It was right in the middle of July, so you can imagine that it was warmmmmmmmmmm around 33º celsius.

A little tip, if you don't find me being too extra. I love Muji fans. I usually use it in my office because we don't really have air condition. Yet whenever I travel during hot places, I'd always bring it with me because I have this terrible habit of being unable to sleep when it's too warm at night. Sometimes, I leave the fan on (USB attached to my iMac) overnight in winter, so I'd have a breeze since my desk is near my bed. While traveling, I'd just attached it to my portable charger and it works like MAGIC! So yep, this fan saved my nights in Airbnb apartments when there's no fans available :P

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Schonbrunn Palace

Fresh new day after a comfty rest in fluffy beds, we left for the Schönbrunn Palace early. Since we were told that it was extremely difficult to find parking, which turned out fine in the end. There were indeed a lot of people. Lots of touring busses, a huge long queue to get the tickets— which we ended up not buying the Palace tour ticket. We decided to drop the Palace visit and explored the gardens. Even then, 1 day tour isn't enough. The gardens are huge, there was a zoo that took up a huge portion as well and we didn't have enough time to cover everything, much less the Palace. So if you plan to see everything, you'd probably need 2 days.

The weather's perfect! Maybe a little too warm to stay under the sun for too long. I assure you, I've got sun burns all over my shoulder, even my feet got toasted pretty bad. Luckily, there were a couple of ice cream truck / corners so you can stay chilled and hydrated. Plus seriously, those Oreo sticks were super worth the calories :P

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24hrs in Prague

All of us woke up with piercing lights in our light studio at 6am. My mom has the habit of prepping breakfast at hotels/airbnbs instead of munching out on the streets. A quick breakfast, dressed up and we were out roaming on the streets.  Travelling in a group is always a tiny bit complicated because all of us have different interest.
I was super interested in Alphons Mucha when I was a student, so when I found out that there was a Alphons Mucha musuem, I had to go and feast my eyes!

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Praha Neighborhood


This summer vacation to Eastern Europe wasn't really planned before hand. I originally wanted to head south to Spanish lands, but my parents didn't quite agree with me and we randomly decided to travel to the unfamiliar lands of Eastern Europe.

A month before travelling, I was looking up for flights to Prague on, the best deal I got for a family of 4 was from Volotea Airline. I've never heard of this airline, but it was affordable for a summer ticket and confirmed my booking.

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