Londonien stroll

 London Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge


#throwback to some months ago when I was in London enjoying evening walks with Paula. Bright sunshine and partially drenched in sweat during those walks compared to the current rain and gloomy skies that I have these days. I have to say that I’m wearing this embroidered summer dress to death during hot weathers.

Anyway, the main point of strolling along the bridge was because of this. It seems like a lot of TV shows are filming around the area recently. So we decided to have a taste of the celebrity-breeze (ಡ艸ಡ)

(σ`・∀・´)σ Notice the little change? It’s a little “lifting” after I’ve disappeared for a while… Been around too many places over the past month. I’m finally settled back to my desk for some serious work and updates! So stay tune!