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Beauty & the Beast

Would you believe it if I told you that my trip to London in July was mainly just to eat? (≧y≦*)

At the same time, it was also Paula’s birthday. We quickly gave excuses telling ourselves that it’s a celebration. Before the trip was planned, Paula was already excited about the Beauty and the Beast Afternoon Tea by The Kensington Hotel. So I practically flew to London just for this, and then it spread out into a series of afternoon teas and snackings.

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You’ll have to book a table in advance if you don’t want to be disappointed. We booked a table for a friday afternoon. There wasn’t a lot of people in the beginning, but after we settled down, more people started arriving. I feel like it’s a very English thing to sip a glass of champagne on a friday afternoon. I don’t take alcohol well these days so we just went for the classical teas. (^ω^)

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Be our guests
— beauty and the beast

As you can see, all the food are themed around Beauty and the Beast. It’s funny how the waiters sometimes borrow Mrs Potts or Cogsworth from our table for other guests. In regards to that, I do feel a little cheated つ´Д`)つ Because it was all about the experience right? Where’s the experience if I lose Mrs Potts or Lumiere from my table. Then again, it’s not like they’re edible anyway. In that sense, I was a little disappointed because I expected the whole experience to be a little more magical. Or maybe I was expecting too much ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

On another hand, the waiters were super friendly and motivated to help us take photos.

Overall the food was great! Paula recently had some allergies to salmon, so she had her sandwich replaced by a chicken one. The sandwiches were tasty. With a lot of carbs, the afternoon set was very filling. We could hardly finish everything from our plates. The Afternoon tea basically occupied all our stomach space for dinner. However the Afternoon tea wasn’t cheap either, the bill came up to 94,50£ because there’s an additional service charge.

I guess it’s a worthy once a while experience. But the Afternoon tea is only available till 20th November 2018, so hurry up if you’re a Disney fan!

I have found that most troubles seems less troubling after bracing a cup of tea
— Mrs Potts
Hello from Singapore

Hello hello! And it's almost the end of February 2018! Time flies— I've spent almost 2 months in Singapore and left this space again.
It was a stressful 3 weeks because my granny was very ill. I was at the hospital everyday. Somehow hospital drains you so much despite just sitting by the side. The chemical smells and the bacteria side-effects I guess. Actually the hospital couldn't really figure out what was wrong with her. They decided that due to her age, it's really hard to figure out which of her instruments are failing because technically all of them are failing. Luckily, a change of events, everything is ok now!



When nicer things happen, I finally began to head out to meet friends.

Besides, it's December— it's the season to party.
I originally packed a section of party outfits in my luggage. But well, I didn't really wear them in the end. I need more #dramaqueens in my life to dress up together

Places to chill

Over Easy

1 Fullerton Road #01-06 One Fullerton,
Singapore 049213

A funky restaurant right oppposite Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a perfect place to chill out with friends and get a good view of the light show at night. There's a light display every 30minutes.
But the place is often crowded, so call up and book in advance! The food's great, but as the location suggest, it's a little on the steep side. 

Atlas Bar

600 North Bridge Rd, Parkview Square, Singapore 188778

When I stepped into the this super posh and gatsby vibe bar lounge, I was stunned by the grandiose decor. I gotta admit— I came here because I saw photos from Instagram. But holy; the photos absolutely do not do justice! Just visit their website:
You'll get what I'm saying. Before you head there, remember to check their booking on their website!


Pigging out!

No doubt, the sole existence of being in Singapore is to eat. Unfortunately by my third week at the hospital, I was completely sick of hawker/street food. They no longer taste the same. You can hardly taste the wok hei. The food were uselessly oily, I was sick of them. But not all food were bad. 

PS Cafe

Raffles City S.C, 252 North Bridge Road, #03-37, S 179103

It's my first time there and they are not known to be cheap, they serve local food which were mouth-watering (´﹃`) Do not forget about their Sticky date pudding. (♥ω♥) It's worth all the calories! 

The tiramisu hero

The tiramisu hero

My love for waffles

Somehow, I don't understand why the french cannot make a simple waffle like this. Obviously, I had to maximise my waffle opportunities. I've made a new friend, Didi. She's super sweet, I'd like to think that our love of kpop connected us but I have not moved on from my TVXQ days so er- I can no longer proclaim myself as a kpop fan (งツ)ว 

The Tiramisu Hero

121 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207548

We were supposed to meet at Wimbly Lu but I was late, and it was Xmas Eve, many places were closing. We found ourselves at Tiramisu Hero instead. While they are known for their tiramisu, we opted for waffles, vanilla soft serve and cheese fries. They totally killed their waffles perfectly. Plus cheese fries, another item on the menu that's impossible to find in Paris!



Red star restaurant

54 Chin Swee Road, #07-23, Singapore 160054

An old classic for fans of dim sum. My parents always love to have their dim sums at this restaurant, hidden between a huge car park. Say dim sum, say egg tarts. I definitely have to eat them whenever I'm at a dim sum restaurant. Maybe because we went there too late? We felt that their standards dropped a little. 
Nonetheless, I'm highly sure that I'd return to this place again.

Super Star K

75 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088496

Let's not forget about Korean food. As much as you can find them in Paris, I haven't found one that looks as classic as this one.  Eating around metal containers seems pretty fun, plus their air pipe seems to take off extra 50% of the bbq smell. I've discovered the joy of Grapefruit Soju and have become quite addicted since then. It feels so good to be able to drink with girlfriends like this on a weekday




Voila! Now then, I hope that you're not too hungry! 

This basically concludes my decent food journey during my 2 months in Singapore. No doubt, there wasn't any point of sharing hospital food. While my blog was practically full of dust, I did try to post regularly on instagram. But I've developed some sort of crazy #OCDvibes of posting images of the same color frequency, it made it harder to post more often. { You know, it's all about the feed } 

I guess not everything was bad during those times. It was the festive period afterall. I had my first "group" mini get-away to Johor Bahru with my bestest friends (classmates from we were 13 yo!) Some boring parties turned out quite pleasant in the end too. 

Now then, back to Paris— It's time to move to another phase of life: SERIOUS job hunting while temporarily transitioning into full-time independent designer! 



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Mr Holmes Baker House
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
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My Favourite cafe spot in Seoul / Garosugil

Okay, maybe I haven't visited enough cafes. But I'm loving Baker House very much! Felicia brought me there with her hype and made me fall in love with them too. Originated from San Francisco or LA (I'm not too sure), they came over to Seoul with their popular Cruffins! Cr for croissants, and uffins for muffins. It's a cross of a croissant and a muffin! You hear that?! To explain how much we liked this place, we went to Baker House twice in a span of 24hours HA! Plus look at Felicia with her fingers, can you feel the  *eggcitement* as I do?

You needa go earlier if you want to get some Cruffins before it gets sold out. Our first trip there was after my sunny-shade shopping at Gentlemonster down the street, it was probably some 9pm then we headed over to Baker House. Unfortunately, Cruffins were sold out. I got a Sesame Kouin Amann. These days, I realized anything with sesame tastes awesome. I haven't found anything with sesame taste bad, not that I wanna jinx it. 


I'm on a Matcha Latte hunt!

It's not easy to find the perfect Matcha Latte. Baker House splendidly did a superb Matcha Latte. When in Paris (maybe that's why), Matcha Lattes are either too milky or too chalky which in a way is understandable, cuz— Matcha is from Japan and we're talking about Paris. In Seoul, I found my first perfect Matcha Latte. The right amount of milk, matcha and even the sweetness was just right! I happily dig into my cup on the first night. The following day, when we returned to Baker House for our teabreak *ahems* for Cruffins, I was too curious with other stuffs and got myself an Expresso (to wake up) and opted for a Matcha Croissant. Somehow, it always seemed weird to me to eat croissants out of France. I always have this expectations that it wouldn't be as good as the local french ones. I'm probably too bias with my Boulangerie right opposite my apartment, but it turns out yummy. Cuz the Matcha was just right :)

Yep, as you can see, I'm one of those people that lets the camera eat first :v
p.s. if you have a few thousand wons to spare, get their cutsy pins from their souvenir boutique!


Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Good friends
Good food
Good times
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
black, gold, marble
and everything nice
— my home #interiorgoals
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul
Mr Holmes Baker House Seoul

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